Among other free options, Venmo is the preferred method of payment. Simply click on the link on the Pricing Page to view our options. Since the options are all free for both of us, a debit card and/or bank account number is required for the use of the platforms. 

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How do I pay for a session?

Mr. Couch, the director and tutor, provides the parent and student a free consultation by phone. This allows Mr. Couch to assess the learning dynamic of the student as well as understand past and current curriculum based on the student's math subject, grade level, and school. Teaching strategy is then aligned with the student's learning style. Mr. Couch will be both the student's mentor and guide through the subject while maintaining detailed communication with the parent(s) via email after each tutoring session.

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How does The Algebra Man work?

The icon for Tutor by Design is the Tree of Knowledge. It floats in the air because 'the sky is the limit' when it comes to the human mind and what it can achieve. Also, like a tree, knowledge needs to grow and only can do so in the right environment and under the right conditions. 

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Why the Tree at the Bottom of the Page?
What's the time interval for tutoring?

Tutoring sessions are 1 hour. This allows for enough time to cover the required content, while still remaining focused. 

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Yes. Each session will include a brief review of what was covered in the previous session. In doing so, the student's knowledge will be refreshed and prior skills can lead to mastery of new ones.

Can I review my previous sessions?

Upon booking recurring sessions on the calendar located on the Booking Page, students will have time slots reserved for them with Mr. Couch on a regular basis. If a student's schedule changes, simply update the online calendar. Mr. Couch will be available for the next scheduled session.

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How is booking done?
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