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See What New People are Saying About The Algebra Man:
Students learning

See What Other People Have Said About The Algebra Man:

1.  "My 9th grader was struggling in algebra 1 and losing confidence quickly. Aaron helped him turn a 75 to a 96 almost immediately. He really knows how to relate to kids and teaches math in a way that’s very understandable and logical. He’s really awesome."

— Monica B. [Leander High School, Austin, TX.]


2.  "Ethan made a quick turn around after tutoring started with his Algebra. On the next grading period, his grade had increased and within the next 90 days we were up a a full grade level. Ethan understood the concepts much better and his teacher also saw immediate improvement in class. We’d definitely recommend The Algebra Man. We are near the end of Ethan’s freshman year and he is much more confident in his math ability. Thank you."

— Kyle K. [Leander High School, Austin, TX.]


3.  "First... We are very grateful to have been referred to Aaron. He has really helped out our Son with his first year of Algebra as a Freshman. He can relate to our son, and has the best patience ever. We will continue with Aaron this year and every year to provide the support that our son needs."

— Jeanne & Tony M. [Glenn High School, Austin, TX.]


4.  "I was at my breaking point by the end of the 2nd, six weeks of 6th Grade, PACE Math when I heard about TutorByDesign. I thought it MUST be a sign from the “Keep Momma Sane, 6th Grade PACE Math” Gods from above... literally!!! As I drove out of the school parking lot, there was Aaron’s tutoring sign. From the first phone call, I immediately felt relief. Aaron was thorough with his program details. Professional with contract signing. Most of all, he ensured that not only did the parents make a commitment, but also my son before we moved forward. We did twice a week to get my son caught up, then could reduce that time to once a week; however, my son asked if he could continue with the twice a week program. That’s when I knew my son was getting more out of the tutoring then algebra. In 4 short months, my sons grades went from 70, to 78, to 84, & finished with 95; so thankful!!. In addition to Math, Aaron taught my son organization, manners, respect for teachers, parents & adults and most importantly responsibility! For these reasons, regardless if my son “needs” or does not need tutoring, we will continue to use [The Algebra Man]. From my son: He was very helpful and fun. He taught me a lot."

— Vanessa G. [Leander Middle School, Austin, TX.]:

5.  "Aaron is as good as it gets as far as tutoring. My son has special needs and was struggling in Algebra, despite attending tutorials before and after school. Aaron has a kind demeanor and special way of making my son feel at ease. My son came out of every session saying, “I wish all my teachers could explain things like Aaron does!” Not only did Aaron help my son excel in math, but Aaron truly cared about my son as a person, encouraging him to believe in himself and giving him tips to succeed in life in general. Aaron is very professional, responsive, and most of all, effective!"

— Chris T.[Vista Ridge High School, Austin, TX]


6.  "Aaron has made all the difference in improving our grandsons advance level math skills. All of his advances have been due to Aaron’s abilities in getting the most out of his students."

— James L. [Leander Middle School, Austin, TX]

​​​​​​​​​​7.  "I highly recommend Aaron! He is a great tutor. My son has made great improvements since working with him. We will be using him again this school year."

— Melissa W. [Leander Middle School, Austin, TX]


8.  "The best tutor around!!!"

— Raissa K. [Leander Middle School, Austin, TX.]


9.  "Aaron was really great with my 15 year old struggling with algebra. He went from having to take summer school the year before we met Aaron to passing the Math final with room to spare! He was very attentive and really cared about his school life and his sports and activities and made it so my son looked forward to going to tutoring and learning from Aaron. He helped our family so much that when I decided to go back to school in the Fall Aaron was one of my first calls to help tutor me through me math class as well."

— Audra W. [Leander High School, Austin, TX]


10.  "I have gone through a few tutors for my son, who just finished his Freshman year, and Aaron was by far the best. He was able to connect with my son and make learning fun. Most of all, his way of teaching is very, very easy to understand. The progress my son made was tremendous and he ended up being a straight A student in Algebra. WE WILL USE AARON AGAIN FOR THE '18-'19 SCHOOL YEAR!"

— Jeremy S. [Cedar Park High School, Austin, TX]


11.  "We highly recommend Mr. Couch! He has done an amazing job to provide engaging lessons, that ensures our son masters content. He is always extremely prepared and provides timely communication regarding our son's progress. We are appreciative of his support and are confident that our son will be successful in his math courses."

— Autumn H. [Grisham Middle School, Austin, TX]


 12.   "Aaron has been a great tutor for my daughter. She struggles with the math concepts and he is able to connect the dots for her in a way that helps her retain the knowledge in math class. She looks forward to her tutoring sessions each week. The best part is that her grades are improving each week. He has been an exceptional teacher."

— Shelly A. [Pleasant Hill Elementary, Austin, TX]


13.  "Aaron tutored our daughter in Pre-AP Geometry. She was struggling the first semester to the point of wanting to drop the class. We looked to the school for tutor assistance with no real results. Then we found [The Algebra Man]. After the first session, everything just started clicking and she turned her grade from failing to a B for the year. Each six weeks her knowledge and confidence improved. Aaron would have the class lessons ready for her by viewing the teacher's website. No time was wasted during their sessions. He was always prepared and answered any questions she had. He was accommodating to our schedules and was attentive to her way of learning. We definitely recommend [The Algebra Man] and wouldn't hesitate to use his services again in the future."

— Tanya C. [Rouse High School, Austin, TX]


14.  "My son, Theo, was failing 8th Grade Math and was tutored by Aaron, with the fantastic result of going from a grade of 40 to a 90 within 6 months. Aaron's tutoring techniques and excellent bedside manner really helped Theo to learn the material and succeed, where school tutorials and other special education services had failed him. Thanks to Aaron's excellent tutoring program, Theo became confident in his Math abilities and passed the STAAR test and his Math class with ease! Theo was struggling to manage his ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome symptoms, and we were on the fence about whether the cost of private tutoring was worth the investment, but one look at Theo's changed (to positive) attitude and improved Math skills proved to us that Aaron's program was well worth it."

— Chris T. [Stiles Middle School, Austin, TX]

​​​​​​​​​​​​15.  "Fantastic Tutor! Highly Recommended.

Aaron is a fantastic tutor! He's done a masterful job helping my middle and high school kids really understand some complex math problems and theories so they can apply them at school. Aaron goes above and beyond by reviewing each teacher's lesson plan for the week and comes prepared to each session with highly relevant and individualized focus areas. It's great for me to see my kids have those "aha" moments and get excited about math!"

— Art M. [Leander Middle and High School, Austin, TX]


16.  "Best tutor EVER!! Well qualified, trusting and fun!!

Aaron started working with our son over a year ago and it's been a great experience for the whole family. I first reached out to Aaron because I wanted him to help with my 12yrs old son in Math. My son has always been an A or B student but Math has always been his weakness. Math has never been my strength either so his dad has been tutoring him as needed. As the math coursework got harder, I saw how frustrating it was for my husband to tutor my son. I also saw how deflating my son felt when dad was trying to drill into his head the new concepts. I knew the relationship was not helping either of them and I need to seek outside help and quick. When we first met Aaron, I knew it was going to be a good fit. Not just for us but also for my son. I knew that for a teenager to enjoy being tutored, I had to to find a tutor that was well qualified but also someone that can connect and build trust with my son. Aaron was able to instantly connect with my teenager on a level that my husband and I could not reach. He's able to teach my son new concepts, keep him engaged and he can do it while still making my son laugh and smile. We've been with Aaron for over a year now and my teenager still does not complain when he has to go see Aaron every week. It's like the ONE thing that he does not complain. Anyone with teenagers know that they like to complain about a lot of random things but he never gives any fuss about Aaron....EVER. He doesn't complain about the weekly tutoring sessions because he's learning, having fun and he sees the difference it has made for him in math. Math was always his weakness but now it's his strength. For the last year, my husband and I have not had to work with my son on his 7-8th grade math at all. We are completely hands free when it comes to my son's math class and he is able to maintain a 95-97% in Math without any help from us. I credit all of this to Aaron. When we saw that Aaron was making great process with my son and he was earning an easy A in Math at school, we tasked Aaron with challenging my son and pushing him even more. We wanted Aaron to teach my son the next math level up, Algebra 1. We wanted to ensure that going into high school next year, that my son would be well prepared for Alegbra 1. I asked Aaron to tutor my son in both Math 8 and Algebra 1 and I left it up to Aaron and my son to figure out the balance between the two. I am confident that with Aaron's help this year, Algebra 1 should be a breeze for my son next year. Our plan for next year is for Aaron to tutor our son in Geometry and review Algebra 1 as needed. This game plan will allow my son to always be 6-12months ahead of his Math class at school. I really can't say enough about Aaron. I love his weekly updates on my son's progress but most importantly, I love that my son is excelling in his math class and has fun at the same time. I love having the security of knowing that my son is always going to be a few steps ahead of his math coursework at school. I love it that my son knows that Aaron is also his champion in Math and that Aaron is there to help. That kind of security for my son is priceless."

— Jacklyne N. [Stiles Middle School, Austin, TX]


17.  "Relevant tutoring and Great Improvement!

Aaron is tutoring my granddaughter, 7th grade, in math and in a few short months she has improved her grade significantly. They have a good rapport and she is learning and improving with each session. She has ADHD and he works well with her issues and keeps her on task in a positive way. He also keeps tabs on her school lessons and teacher lesson plans so that his tutoring is relevant. I recommend Aaron completely."

— Nonnie J. [Henry Middle School, Austin, TX]


18.  "Great math tutor in Cedar Park / Leander!

Aaron is tutoring our son in geometry and does a great job. Our son's grade improved by a letter grade in the first 6 weeks and continues to improve! Aaron is very organized and the sessions are highly personalized. Our son's confidence in his math skills have returned and we would recommend Aaron at TutorByDesign to anyone!"

— Eric R., [Leander High School, Austin, TX]


19.  "We found Aaron late spring in our last attempt to help our 7th grader raise her failing grade. He was knowledgeable, attentive, patient and has excellent communication skills. He went above and beyond in assisting after tutoring with any homework questions. Our daughter went from an F in Algebra to finishing with a B! We will definitely be contacting him again for further tutoring, if needed."

— Maria L. [Hill Country Christian School, Austin, TX]


20.  "My 7th grade son has struggled with math since elementary. He used to complain about having a math tutor, but not with Mr. Couch. He actually looks forward to their bi-weekly meetings. Mr. Couch does a great job individualizing his instruction and is extremely patient. We have seen great progress in our son and in his motivation to try to learn math. Thank you for not only helping him in math, but investing in him personally."

— Michelle W., [Liberty Hill Intermediate School, Austin, TX]

21.  "My son was struggling in Algebra I for most of the school year, until Aaron came on-board. My son is now obtaining consistently high marks on every test- and only after a few sessions with Aaron! The turn-around in my son's classroom success and overall confidence was amazing to see. I can't ask for a more personable, quality, professional, knowledgeable, and qualified educator to work with my son. I'm certainly going to request he works with my son again next year!"

— Cynthia C. [Online Tutoring; Lake Travis Middle School, Austin, TX]


22.  "We found Aaron through Thumbtack and we are pleased with his service. We were having a hard time finding an instructor who specializes in teaching TAG students, particularly to teach the concepts before it starts in school. Luckily we found an instructor with all the qualifications we looked for. Aaron is awesome and works well with kids. He even helps kids on SAT preparation. Also he is very knowledgeable with Algebra material and other math concepts and great at explaining, he goes above and beyond to help our son in the subject matter. I highly recommend him for students of any age."

— Carthi S. [Grisham Middle School, Austin, TX]


 23.  "My Cedar Park HS 9th grader went from a 60% average in Algebra 1 to getting a 91% on her mid-term exam after just a few sessions with Aaron.  Amazing!"

— Jill R. [Cedar Park High School, Austin, TX]


24.  "I am so fortunate Aaron is offering his tutoring services. My daughter has always loved math. She has been in AP Math since the 2nd grade. Last year the advanced math teacher was not into her job. My daughter is now in Pre-Algebra and she had a difficult start. Not only is Aaron professional, he has inspired my daughter's confidence! I would highly recommend Aaron as a tutor. I forgot to mention, he drives to your home! One less carpool for mom & dad!"

— Stephanie G. [Cedar Park Middle School, Austin, TX]

25.  "We have experienced several tutors and Aaron w/ [The Algebra Man] is by far the best. Not only is he capable in teaching in various ways for students who learn differently, but he is very engaging and keeps my son interested. He also likes to have an open dialog w/teachers when acceptable and since it takes a village this is by far an advantageous arrangement. 

— Allison H. [Liberty Hill Middle School, Austin, TX]

Students learning
Students learning
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