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Session Rates

One-on-One Private Online Tutoring

Value for your money. Each session is 1 hour and involves assessment, grounded teaching principals, and study-skill mentorship. Lessons are tailored for the student by a licensed, experienced, professional educator. Each session is followed up by a detailed session summary.

*Intro-Session Special*

For new clients [only]: See what The Algebra Man can do before booking multiple sessions. Schedule a 1-Time Intro-Session: only $45!

**Discounted Packages**

Available Now...different packages with greater discounts of up to 32% if you purchase your sessions up-front! Packages provide greater flexibility in scheduling throughout the school year and summer.

See Scheduling Page for details.

***Reserve Now, Pay Later***

Reserve your sessions now and don't pay until your first session [Terms Apply]

1. During the School Year: [Grades 5-12]

*Discounts provided based on monthly frequency*

​[Does not include summer, standardized test prep or college/adult level sessions]

​​ Option A:

Help! I'm Lost!

8 Sessions/Month or more:  $75 each

[20% Discount]

Option B:

I Need Help Keeping Up.

4-7 Sessions/Month:  $85 each

[10% Discount]

Option C:

I Just Need to Review Before Tests.

Less than 4 Sessions/Month: $95 each


​​2. Outside the Classroom: [Grades 5-11]

​[These options are provided separately from the regular subject tutoring offered above]

Option D:

It's Summertime...Time to Catch-Up and Get Ahead!

​$85 per session

[10% Discount]

Option E:

Standardized Test Prep:


​$85 per session

[10% Discount]

3. Adults Only!

​[These options are provided separately from the grade-school tutoring offered above]

Option F:

College Math and Test Prep:

[Including TSI, etc.]

$95 per session

[$10 per-session discount for 8 sessions/month or more]

Option G:

Adult Professional Development and Test Prep:

[Including AFCQT, etc.]

$95 per session

[$10 per-session discount for 8 sessions/month or more]


The Algebra Man offers a monthly pay-as-you-go service with detailed invoicing and multiple payment options, as well as packages with up-front debit/credit card payments. Payments are made directly and securely, whichever option you choose.


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* ONE Free Session for Each Successful Referral *

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