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Session Rates

One-on-One Private Online Tutoring

Value for your money.

Each session is 1 hour and involves assessment, grounded teaching principals, and study-skill mentorship. Lessons are tailored for the student by a licensed, experienced, professional educator. Each session is followed up by a detailed session summary.

*Intro-Session Special Rate*

For new clients: See what The Algebra Man can do before booking multiple sessions. Schedule a 1-Time Intro-Session: only $50!

**Discounted Packages & Subscriptions**

Whether during the current school year or the summer,

there are different options available with discounts of up to 23%. Packages provide discounts and flexibility in scheduling throughout any time period while subscriptions provide a monthly auto-pay option without having to pay for all your sessions up-front.

*For Scheduling Page click here*

Tutoring Rates:

*Please Note:

All current credits expire May 31st, 2024.


New packages/subscriptions may be purchased on June 1st, onward, are valid for the upcoming summer and next school year and won't expire until next May, 2025.



*Rates do not increase based on a higher level of math. Discounts are provided for larger packages.




For new clients only. Expires within 30 days.

Single Sessions
$110 [Standard Rate]

For clients who want just 1 or 2 sessions right now.

These sessions can be purchased at any time and are good

all school year and summer.


[5th Grade - Alg II]:

Offers discounts for purchasing your sessions

up-front and are good all school year and summer.

4-Session Package:


Discount: 9% off Standard Rate


8-Session Package:


Discount: 14% off Standard Rate


  12-Session Package:


Discount: 18% off Standard Rate


16-Session Package:


Discount: 23% off Standard Rate   



[5th Grade - Alg II]


Discount: 18% off Standard Rate  

Offers a flat auto-pay option of 4 sessions monthly without having to purchase a large number of sessions up-front.

Subscriptions can be activated/deactivated throughout the school year/summer, based on your student's needs.

*Note: $50 non-refundable set-up fee required upon sign-up; re-activation can be made anytime after May 31st each year for continued service.


The Algebra Man offers a no-pressure pay-as-you-go service with online credit/debit payment options. Payments are made securely online, whichever option you choose.


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